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Jackson Cole (born January 23rd, 1958) is the Senior Senator from Savannah. Cole is the current President Pro-Tempore of the Senate in the 100th Congress.Cole was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, Savannah.Cole was elected to the Savannah Class II Senate seat in the 1984 General Elections. He then ran for President Pro-Tempore against Senator DecstarG Andrews, and won the race with 10 votes, with Senator DecstarG having 8. Cole selected Senator Freya Oliver as his Vice President Pro-Tempore. Cole then ran for re-election as President Pro-Tempore in 1986 against Emily Kiley, and won with 11 votes, to Kiley's 4.

In his time in the Senate, Cole has introduced both the 1986 Fiscal Year Budget and the 1988 Fiscal Year Budget, both of which passed with unanimous consent.

What's YAPmg?

US Capitol west side.JPG
YAPmg (Yet Another Political mock government) is a model government of the United States federal government and state governments, that facilitate elections and create legislation. YAPmg was created on October 12, 2020, and has an economic system, a timestamp, debates, news stations, events, and more.

In canon, the first elections in YAPmg were held on November 6, 1984. Since then, YAPmg has had crises, scandals, drama, debates, and many elections.

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